CONVENTIONS & ATTITUDES”, Habeus Lounge, New York, NY, Nov, 2008

CONVENTIONS & ATTITUDES”, Remy’s, Los Angles, CA, Nov, 2008

DOWNTOWN”, with Joy Silverman, Side Street Projects, Los Angeles, CA. Oct - Dec 2001.

“PROJECTIONS: Intermission Images VI”, December 9, 1999 - March 8, 2000.  Los Angeles artists meet the millennium with slides created by the artists projected in movie theaters during intermission at the Laemmle Grande Theaters: Dorit Cypis, Aida Cynthia DeSantis, Christina Fernandez, Ken Gonzales-Day, Garland Kirkpatrick/Helvetica Jones,  M.A.M.A. (Deborah Oliver, Lisa Schoyer, Karen Schwenkmeyer), Steve Reinke, Alejandro Rosas, Connie Samaras, Katie Sivers, Darrell Walters, Mary Yoder. 

”PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC: JOHANNESBERG”, Johannesberg, South Africa, April, 1999 with Pat Ward Williams.

“WOULDN’T MARTHA BE PROUD” Lan Thao Lam, Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, CA  1999.

“LAST SUPPER ON SWAN LAKE” Claudia Bucher, Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, CA  1999.

“PROJECTIONS: INTERMISSION IMAGES II”,  January 28 - March 31, 1999.  This project, conceived by Karen Atkinson and organized by Side Street Projects will show the slides of ten artists on four screens at the Laemmle Grande Fourplex in Downtown Los Angeles. Each artist created work that consider both the context of a movie theater space as a public art and exhibition site.  Artists:  David Antin, Anne Bray, Annetta Kapon, Laura London, Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Armando Rascon, Joseph Santarromana, Erika Suderberg, Tran. T. Kim-Trang, and Victoria Vesna.

“LA TOUR: PART 1”  Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Side Street Projects, 1999.

“FIELD” a collaborative installation by Linda Arreola and Oscar J. Martinez, Side Street Projects, 1988.    

“KEEPER OF THE FLAME” Ivan Montforte, Side Street Projects, 1988.

“MONOPOLY FOR DADA” Mary Cecile Gee, installation and performance, 1988.

“LADDERS, DIRT AND THREE LEGGED STOOLS” installation by Blaine De. St. Croix, 1988.

“SPLICE” with Nancy Braver, Side Street Projects, 1998.

“EDITS AND EPISODES” video screenings with Robert Blanchon, Tai Kim, Melinda Stone and Igor Vamos, 1997.

“PROPAGANDA” Liz Harvey installation, Side Street Projects, 1997.

“ALMOST A WHISPER” installation by Alice Momm, Side Street Projects, 1997.

“UR-PHENOMENA - THE HUMENCULUS” an installation by Deborah Edwards and Lisa Schoyer, Side Street Projects, 1997.

PROJECTIONS: intermission images” with Sylvia Bowyer, Pasadena Old Town 8, Pasadena, and Sony Magic Johnson Theaters, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, CA.  January, February, 1996.  Catalog.

“SPLEEN” installation by Elliot Ross, Side Street Projects, 1996.

“DETOURS II” Site specific installations, Side Street Projects, 1996

“DETOURS: VENICE” with Jane Jenny, Venice Boardwalk/Sdie Street Projects, 1996.

“COUNTER CONVENTION” with Valerie Tevere, Performances at the Republican Convention, 1996.

“TASTY/SMELLY” installation and performance by Jacquelikne Dreager, Side Street Projects, 1996.

“MARY STUART’S RAVISHMENT DESCENDING TIME” installation by Barbara McCarren, Side Street Projects, 1996.

“1945” with Dylan Tran, Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, 1995.

“FAULT LINES” installation by Barbara Layne, Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, 1995.

“ONE STORY ABOUT JUNE RILEY” installation by Susan Schwartzenberg, curated with Andrea Liss, 1995.

“AS WE LIKE IT” with Barbara Smith, Side Street Projects and The New Gallery, Santa Monica, 1994.

“DETOURS” Site Specific Installations at the 18th Street Arts Complex, Side Street Projects, 1994. Catalog.

“PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC: SAN FRANCISCO” Market Street Public Art Project, 1994.

“JUST TAKE THIS: WOMEN/PAIN/MEDICAL HISTORIES” San Francisco Camerawork, July 1994.

“PUMP” an installation by Cynthia Fiss, Side Street Projects, 1994.


“RAMBLIN’ REELS & MIGRANT MEDIA” Banff Center, with Sara Diamond and Sara Newman, 1993.

“ARTISTS’ WRITING READING ROOM,” Side Street Projects, Santa Monica, CA. 1993 with Erica Bornstein.

“PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC:NAAO,” NAAO Conference project, Austin Texas, Oct. 1992.

“PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC”, BEYOND 1992.  A Space, Toronto, Canada.  Oct. 1992.

“1992: CONQUESTS DO NOT BELONG ONLY TO THE PAST” Projections in Public, Film In The Cities, St. Paul, MN.

“1992: CONQUESTS DO NOT BELONG ONLY TO THE PAST”  Projections In Public, INTAR Multicultural Gallery, New York.  Nov. - Dec. 1991.

“AMENDMENTS: SAGAS AND TALES”  Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA.  1991.

“PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC: Grand Rapids”  Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Curator.  1991.  

PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC: Cleveland”  September 14 - Oct. 5, 1990.  SPACES, Cleveland Ohio. Curator/artist.

“TABLEAUX: VIVANT MORTE”  Co-curator.  Installation, San Diego, CA. Supported by the NEA Museums Program.  Catalog Essay.  September 1988.

“PROJECTION TRILOGY: PERFORMANCES IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS” Project Coordinator. Grant from the City of San Diego.  Three performances in collaboration with film or video in three different neighborhoods.  Projects took place on the street in a public place. 1988.

“EDICT AND EPISODE: IMAGE AS MEANING” Curator.  Installation, San Diego, CA. Supported by a grant from the NEA Museums program. Margaret Crane/Jon Winet, Jeanne C. Finley, Connie Hatch, George Legrady, Fred Lonidier, Carrie Mae Weems.  Catalog essay with Dan Wasil.  1987.

“THREE INSTALLATIONS” Nancy Barton, Leslie Ernst, Erika Suderberg. Installation, San Diego, 1987.

“THE BIENNIAL”  Co-curated with Dan Wasil.  29 artists in San Diego, Installation, San Diego.  April, 1987.

PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC”  Co-curated with Carol Hobson.  A storefront rear screen projection project of artist’s work in slide form or film.  A public work exhibited at night.  35 artists produced work. Bloomsbury City Flower Market, Los Angeles, CA.  Co-sponsored by Foundation for Art Resources (FAR) and the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA), with a grant from Art Matters, Inc. N.Y. Feb. 1987.

PROJECTIONS IN PUBLIC: San Diego”  Co-supported by Projected Light Collective and Installation.  Projected at Archimatics, downtown San Diego. April, 1987.

“FAMILY ALBUM”  Co-curator.  An exhibition at the Woman’s Building, Los Angeles, CA.  1986.