INTAR Gallery

1992: Conquests Do Not Belong Only to the Past”

- A Public Slide Project, curated by Karen Atkinson

“Projections in Public” began in 1987 by Karen Atkinson and a collaborator. Since then, Karen has taken the project to various cities across the country. It has shown in storefront windows of a florist shop, a furniture store, architects office, warehouse windows, a commercial gallery window etc. The issues addressed have ranged with the inclusion of different artists and each city it takes place in. This is the first project the specifically addresses issues in relationship to the Quincentenary.

This is a project of artist works in slide form. NOT reproductions of paintings or other work, but work created specifically for this context of projection. Each artist is asked to address specific issues surrounding the 1492- 1992 concerns, and suggestions including current situations which have not changed much since “the time of conquest.”

Karen Atkinson is dealing specifically with issues of women, a women and tourism, addressing the language of tourism as discovered in 1492.  Roberto Bedoya has written a poem. Kerr and Malley are addressing the return of tourists to “the scene of the crime.”  Armando Rascon’s work re-presents his education in elementary school, and questions his rediscovery of history. Barbara Carrasco presents images of the Spaniards “gifts” to the inhabitants of those “discovered islands.” The act of false giving and real taking. Pat Ward Williams presents the discovery of her aunt’s true nationality. Theresa Chavez and Oscar Garza will address current advertising using the Aztecs. Others are addressing cultural resistance, current advertising, re- addressing education of history, other coastlines than “America,” and how issues brought up the Quincentenary directly affect all of our lives in 1992.