Exhibitions and Projects:



“Projections: Intermission Images VI”, December 9, 1999 - March 8, 2000

 Los Angeles artists meet the millennium with slides created by the artists projected in the movie     theaters during intermission at the Laemmle Grande Theaters: Dorit Cypis, Aida Cynthia DeSantis, Christina Fernandez, Ken Gonzales-Day, Garland Kirkpatrick/ Helvetica Jones,  M.A.M.A. (Deborah Oliver, Lisa Schoyer, Karen Schwenkmeyer), Steve Reinke, Alejandro Rosas, Connie Samaras, Katie Sivers, Darrell Walters, Mary         Yoder.  Curated by Karen Atkinson.


“Projections: Intermission Images V”, September 30 - December 8, 1999

Projected slides created by artists projected in the movie theaters during intermission at the Laemmle Grande Theaters: Kaucyila Brooke, Jill Van Hoogenstyn, Karin I.M. Johansson, Clea Jones, Yoko Kanayama & Matthew Spiegelman, Robert Koss, Betty Lee, Kanji Ozawa, Kathleen Rogan, Keith Walsh, Davis & Davis.  Curated by Davis & Davis.


 “Concoctions”, September 11 - November 13, 1999

A group exhibition exploring the transfer of information from the tangible into the abstract.  Artists:  Andrew Freeman, Annabelle Aylmer, Annetta Kapon, Brad Spence, Carmina Crittenden, Connie Hatch, Danny Tisdale, Davis & Davis, Elizabeth Pulsinelli, Elizabeth Dranitzke, H. Lan Thao Lam, Helen Kim, Jacqueline Dreager, Jessica Rath, Jo Ann Callis, Karl Mihail, Kathleen Rogan, Katie Sivers, Madena Asbell, Manya Tan, Mark Bradford, Marny Nahrwold, May Sun, Mike McMillin, Robert Miller, Ryan Hill, Sandra Rowe, Sharon Dabney, Thomas Lawson, Valerie Tevere, and Wendy Furman.  Organized by Katie Sivers.


“Would’t Martha Be Proud!” July 31, - August 28, 1999

An installation by H. Lan Thao Lam that examines the symbolic and iconic representative of the American Dream, the Picket Fence.


 “Projections: Intermission Images IV”, July 15 - September 22, 1999

Projected slides created by artists projected in the movie theaters during intermission at the Laemmle Grand Theaters: Madena Asbell, S.E. Barnet, Davis and Davis, Ted Meyer, Brian C. Moss, Karin l. Apollonia Müller, Voychek Szaszor, Ruth Wallen.


“Last Supper on Swan Lake”  June 5 - July 10. 1999

An installation by Claudia Bucher based on the stories of Swan Lake and the Last Supper of Jesus.


“Projections: Intermission Images III”,  April - June 2, 1999

Projected slides created by artists projected in the movie theaters during intermission at the         Laemmle Grand Theaters: David Antin, Anne Bray, Sam Erenberg, Nicholas Fedak II, Christian Mounger, Hillary Mushkin, Valerie Tevere, Jody Zellen, Stefan Zucker.


“Love Me Tender”an exhibition of photographs and video by Shelly Niro, curated by Tom Hill.  March 20 - May 1, 1999.

Shelly Niro’s describes her work as storytelling through film and installation art.  Niro creates roles for Native women that give them a voice of strength and community.  She has exhibited widely and her work often addresses questions of identity and how it is constructed by the self         and others.


“SOULSTASIS”, Collaborative dance and visual installation.  January 29-31, 1999

In conjunction with Side Street Projects, TRIP Dance Theatre choreaographers Monica Favand, Dona Leonard, Koala Yip and multi-disciplinary artis/choreagrpher Nina Kaufman presents “SOULSTASIS”, an evening of collaboritve dance and visual installation.  Dance pieces include:  Free, Imprint, Skin Would Shed.


“Projections: Intermission Images II”,  January 28 - March 31, 1999 

This project, conceived by Karen Atkinson and organized by Side Street Projects will show the slides of ten artists on four screens at the Laemmle Grande Fourplex in Downtown Los Angeles.

Each artist created work that consider both the context of a movie theater space as a public artand exhibition site.  Artists:  David Antin, Anne Bray, Annetta Kapon, Laura London, Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Armando Rascon, Joseph Santarromana, Erika Suderberg, Tran. T. Kim-Trang, and Victoria Vesna. Curated byKaren Atkinson.


“La Tour, Part I”an installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.  January 16-February 27, 1999

“La Tour, Part I” is comprised of seven audio stations and was inspired by a lithograph alluding to the legendary Marguerite de Bourgogne, a queen of France who was rumored to stage debaucheries in the Tour de Nesle.  The narrative in the audio suggests a woman’s journey to the tower, but also reflects on the physical nature of the imagination. Curated by Karen Atkinson.




Bioethics:  Thresholds of Corporal Completeness”,  November 14 – December 19, 1998.          

Artists of the United States explore biological discoveries and biomedical advances and their ethical and     moral implications.  Organized and conceived by Deborah Edwards.  Artists:  Martin Betz, Joy Garnett, Ken Gonzales-Day, Ruth Katz, David Kremers, Dinh Q. Lê, Hilary Lorenz, Aline Mare, Mike McMillin, Nora Murphy, Endi Poskovic, Susan Rankaitis, Erika Rothenberg, Lisa Schoyer, Lisa Stanley.  Catalog.


“Original Accounts of the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island”, September 19 - October 31, 1998. 

 Conceived and organized by Connie Hatch.  Artists: Kaucyila Brooke , Amy Green, Annetta Kapon, Theresia Rosa Kleeman, Joe Lewis, James Luna and Lori Blondeau, Heidi Miesz, Nancy Mitchnik, Gary Nakamoto, Catherine Opie, Armando Rascon, Erika Rothenberg, Allan Sekula,     Angel Velasco Shaw, Susan Schwartzenberg, Deborah Small, and Carrie Ungerman. Catalog.


“Keeper of the Flame”an installation by Ivan Monforte.  August 1 - 30, 1998

The final showing of his character Dolores Fuertes, an installation of photographic novellas printed on newspaper and done in novella/comic book style.         


“FIELD”a collaborative installation by Linda Arreola / Oscar J. Martinez.  May 16 - June 27, 1998

An installation of forty, 8 foot crosses, dramatic lighting and sound.  Iconic references multiplied with metaphors of forests, spirituality, life, death, and the ordinary.  The tableaux involves viewer participation.


“Let The Women Dance”an installation by Erika Thümmel - an artist from Austria. April 4 - May     2, 1998  

Everyday sculptures and object anagrams.  Thümmel uses daily consumer articles as source material for forming  mechanical sculptures that reference and circulate around an imaginary body.  “Lustres” without  light, which are moved by an electric drilling machine fixed at the ceiling of the room move in different speeds.  The faster the machine runs, the more the lustre opens. The lustres reach from the ceiling to the floor, consisting of transparent silky stockings, invisbilty strengthened to retain the shape of a well formed leg. In collaboration with “The Power of Perception: 9 Austrian Women Artists Take Space” with Otis Art Gallery and Post Gallery, both of Los Angeles.


“Monody For Dada”an installation performance by Mary Cecile Gee. March 14 - 28, 1998

A performance involving the consecutive and continuous recitation of Dada poems randomly constructed from 14,566 found words sorted from the newspaper.  The sequencing of words in each poem reflects the same sequential order of the letters existent in the word father.  Gee will make    recitations from a chair suspended in the center of the gallery from 11:30am to 6:30pm daily for eight days (extended over a two-week period to fit gallery schedule).


“Ladders, Dirt, and Three Legged Stools”an installation by Blane De St. Croix.  January 17 - February 28, 1998

An installation that covers entire gallery walls in soil, from floor to ceiling to rafters.  The ladders are built from fallen crooked tree branches and vary in height.  It is metaphorical work that gives a sense of past and present and carries a figurative quality.  The soil both visually and olfactoraly layers and references the dependency of humans upon land.    




“Splice”,  September 20 - November 15, 1997.  

An exhibition of 61 artists nationwide who have created work from a dental dam, addressing issues of safe sex for women. Curated by Karen Atkinson amd Nancy Braver.  Artists: Chris Acuna-Hansen, Margaret Adachi, David Antin, Eleanor Antin, Beth Bachenheimer, Karen Barone, Tony Barone, S.E. Barnet, Susan Sayre Batton, Laurel Beckman, Amy Blount, Karen Bonfigli, Kaucyila Brooke, Barbara Carrasco, Clare Cornell, Nan B. Curtis, Aida Cynthia DeSantis, Leslie Dick, Francoise Doherty, Dana Duff, Margaret Ecker, Leslie Ernst, Hina Fagu, Georgia Fee, Misugi Forssen, Pat Gomez, Lee Ann Goya, Amy Green, M.K. Guth, Liz Harvey, Allyson Hollingsworth, Jessica D. Holt, Lori Kaufman, Lisa R. Kereszi, Barbara Layne, Janice Ledgerwood, Francesco Letelier, Mara Lonner, Pegarty Long, Eve Luckring, Michelle Longosz, Christine Magar, Dianne Malley, Jeanette May, Lun*na Menoh, Beverly Naidus, Phranc, Susan Rankaitis, Charlene Roth, Erika Rothenber, Christy Rupp, Elena Mary Siff, Susan Silton, Erika Suderburg, Meriel Stern, Ruth Stern, Christine Tamblyn, Lisa Teasley, Donna Tracy, Shirley Tse, Mary M. Wingfield, Terry Wolverton, Eve Wood, Shari Zolla.


“Edits and Episodes”, Melinda Stone and Igor Vamos.  November 101997 

A polymorphous program on the inter-penetration of “the private” and “the public”.  Showing their collaborative work, Photo Spot and individual works; Vamos’ Barbie Liberation Newsand Stone’s, Inquiry: among other works.


“Edits and Episodes”, Robert Blanchon.  October 20 1997 

This program featrues let’s just kiss + say goodbye, (1995) which premiered in the ‘95 New Festival in New York. This video consists of non-sexual gay porn clips.  He will also present 3 minutes of a 90 minute gallery-based video titled Situations I, II,III, (1995) and the sculptural component I can’t live in a world without love, (1997).


“Edits and Episodes”,Tai Kim. September 22, 1997

Part one of a two-part curated film and video series titled Letit Be Film /Video.  The series critiques the catagorizational structure of the film and video festival and promotes the work of emerging and independent film and video makers whose work’s overall nature is resistant to inclusion in many sponsored and curated events.


“Propaganda”an installation by Liz Harvey. August 9 - 31, 1997

An installation work in progress by artist Liz Harvey taking place during the month of August (open to the public) which culminates in an interactive exhibition opening August 17.  Other participants include Dyke Action Machine!, Mike Garvey, Lisa Kokin, Cheri Gaukle and Sue µaberry and Laura Howe.


“A Gathering”,  July 20 - 26, 1997 

An interactive  group exhibition of work by members of the Side Street Projects community as part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration.


“Our Neighborhood”,  June 4 - 14, 1997              

Exhibition of work by the students in the Walk, Seek, Build Project coordinated by John Hibbitts, in collaboration with Virginia Avenue Project.


“Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit”,  July 10 - September 30, 1997.                          

Community Focus Gallery, Santa Monica Place.  In collaboration with Women’s Daybreak Shelter.  Coordinators, Joella March and Mannig Gurekian.


"Almost a Whisper"An installation by Alice Momm.  March 15 - April 26, 1997.             

 From detritus to rebirth, recycling to religion, a meditation on life cycles both natural and man-made and the points at which they intersect. 


“Annette Dougless & Josie Dujmovic Artist Talk”  March 2, 1997.  

Australian artists give a lecture on their collaborative and solo projects.


“Ur-Phenomena - The Humenculus” an installation by Deborah Edwards and Lisa Schoyer. January 18 - March 1, 1997.  

A collaborative installation relating to the current biopolitical debates on how we look at reproduction in our culture.



 “Re:Collectivity”,  November 2 - December 21, 1996.  

A group exhbition organized by Al Winn featuring the work of artists who have been meeting together for three years.  This is their first collaborative project.  Artists:  Monica Chau, David Franck, Athena Kanaris, Daniel Mirer, Giannine Mustari, Karen Schwenkmeyer, Cynthia Wiggins, Albert Winn, Jody Zellen.


“SPLEEN (after Baudelaire)”,  September 7 - October 20, 1996                              

A photographic installation by San Francisco artist Elliot Ross.


“Counter Convention”,  August 10 - 16, 1996  

Site specific public art projects by Los Angeles and San Diego artists with public performances and readings at the free speech area during the Republican Convention. Curated by Karen Atkinson and Valerie Tevere.


“Detours ‘96: Venice”, August 1996.

Site specific artists projects in the Gingerbread Courtyard on the Venice Boardwalk.  Artists:  M. C. Armstrong, Beth Bachenheimer, Bernard Brunon, Margaret Ecker, Nancy Floyd, Doug Harvey, Liz Harvey, Jane Jenny, Vally Mestroni, Catherine MacLean.


“International Artists Writing Reading Room” June 1 - August 3, 1996.

An exhibition of visual artists who write and writers who make visual art.  Artists chosen internationally.  Artists: Lane Barden, Carole Beaulieu, Robert Blanchon, Lauren Crux, Stefaan Decostere, Lauren Evans, Suvan Geer, Vicente Golveo, Coco Gordon, David A. Greene, Sophia Isajiw and Tara Neish, David Merritt, Sara Newman, Brian O’Neill, Jordan Peimer, Maria F. Porges, Richard Purdy, Connie Samaras, Charlene Roth, Vincent Trasov, David Tomas, Jan Williamson, Janice Williamson, Jordan Zinovich.


“Detours”  June 1 - August 31, 1996.

An exhibition of site-specific works throughout the 18th Street Arts Complex.

Artists:  Margaret Adachi, Marcos Alvarez, Pamela Bailey, Marcie Begleiter, Eric Blumberg and Wynne Wilson, Jill D’Agnenica, Joyce Dallal and Naima White, Cindy DeSantis, Christel Dillbohner, Deborah Edwards, Sam Erenberg, Pat Gomez, Andreas Hessing, Mary Linn Hughes and Reginald Zachary, Rosalyn Mesquita, Karl Mihail, Margaret Morgan, Jill Poyourow, Elena Siff, Kara Walker, Jan Williamson.


“Tasty/Smelly”, an installation by Jacqueline Dreager.  April 6 - May 18, 1996

An installation involving photography, sculpture and smoking fish in the gallery.  A viewer interactive project.  Performances involving smoking salmon took place throughout the exhibition.


“9 Rainbow Field”

An evening of music by Michael Barnard.


“Mary Stuart’s Ravishment Descending Time”an installation by Barbara Mc Carren. January 6 - March 2, 1996

An installation which is an excerpted portrait of the eviscerated personality of Mary Stuart’s life who was the last Catholic Queen of  Scotland.  Barbara’s work often derives from literature.


“The Practical Handbook  for the Emerging Artist”, January 6, 1996.

Book signing by Margaret Lazzari.  




“Artist As Presenter”

A panel discussion moderated by Joan Hugo, with Karen Atkinson, Side Street Projects, Habib Kheradyar of Post: Room Service, John O’Brien of M.Y.T.H., and Linda Vallejo from Galleria la Americas.


“Fault Lines” October 14 - November 18, 1995

A collaboration between a gallery in Montreal Canada (La Centrale) and Side Street Projects.  Two Canadian artists, Barbara Layne and Ingrid Bachman exchanged seismographic activity between the two cities, and with the aid of a computer loom, join hand and high technologies in weaving a cloth based on the movement of the earth.


“1945” August 5 - September 16, 1995

A group exhibition addressing the context of the Hiroshima Bombing and events of the world in the year 1945.  Artists include: Carol Sun, Ken Chu, Jeremy Spear, Maureen Wong; Todd Ayoung, Ayisha Abraham. Nobuho Nagasawa, Monica Chau, Elizabeth Cohen, Michi Itami.


“African-American Representations of Masculinity: The Tuskeegee Airmen & Masud Kordofan Responds to the Tuskeegee Airmen”

A photo installation of historical photos of the Tuskeegee Airmen curated by Cecil Ferguson, and an installation by Masud Kordofan responding to the work.


“Memorial for UTN”, July 22, 1995.

A performance by Masud Kordofan.


“One Story About June Riley”an installation by Susan Schwartzenberg.  March 18 - April 29, 1995

A photo installation that tells a story about the artists mother, and her mothers suicide from the perspective of a child.  Includes video, sound, photos, book and children’s size chairs.


“In Loving Appropriation”, January 21 - March 4. 1995

An exhibition curated by Andrea Liss challenging cultural traditions specific to the devaluation and limitation of women’s work, and includes Peg Denny, Karen Dunbar and Ritsko Uchida.




“Pump”, by Cinthia Fiss.  October 29 - Dec 3, 1994

A video and photographic installation which examines the representation of blue collar women.  It is based on the artists’ twelve years of experience in the traditionally male dominated trades. 


“As We Like It”, September 10 - October 22, 1994

Side Street Projects and The New Gallery. Panel Discussion, September 24th.

An exhibition of artists whose work addresses pleasure, without apology.  A presentation of alternative investigations, lost metaphors and implied shifts in pleasure where identity is no longer a battleground.  Artists:  Eugenia Butler, Paul Cotton, Dark Bob, Barbara DeGenevieve, Michelle       Handelman, Tanya Hart, Annas Homler, Frank Moore, Timothy Nolan, Erika Suderberg, Anna Pomaska, Terry Wolverton.


“Detours”, June - August, 1994. 

An exhibition of site specific works throughout the 18th Street Arts Complex.

Artists:  Lynn Aldrich, Paul Boettcher, Clayton Campbell, Susanna B. Dakin, Maria DeLuca, Beth Edelstein, Morgan Fisher, Caren Furbeyre, Suvan Geer & Ruth Ann Anderson, Kim Lee Kahn, Krista Kilvert, Marie Lafia, Veronica LaJambe, Francisco Letelier, Mara Lonner, Jim McAninch, Laura Parker, Shelby Roberts, Lisa Schoyer, Susan Silton, Sharon Somerfeld, Carolee Toon, and Carrie Ungerman.


“Just Take This: women/pain/medical histories”, March 12-April 23, 1994.

Curated by Karen Atkinson.  Artists: Francis Dyson, Leslie Ernst, Susan Jahoda, Dianne Malley, Sara Newman, Deborah Edwards, Ayofemi Folayan, Ann Holcomb, Beverly Naidus, D.L. Pughe, Liz Young.  Included an artist page publication that included a listing of women’s health resources and was distributed to local women’s health centers. Traveled to San Francisco Camerawork with the addition of 4 artists from the bay area.  The publication listed SF area resources with additional artist pages.


“Regarding the Territory”, January 13-February 13, 1994.

 Curated by Sylvia Bowyer.  Artists/photographers: Christopher Dolan, Andrew Freeman, Don Gill, Danielle Gustafson.




“Autobiography of Difference: Diversity and the Asian American Experience”, October 1- November 27, 1994.

Curated by Dylan Tran and Karin Higa.  A collaboration between Side Street Projects and Japanese National Museum.  Artists: Clement Hanami, Carole Kim, Hirokazu Kosaka, Betty Lee, Gavin Lee, Ji Young Oh, Dean Sameshima, Yayoi Ailene Shibata, Mas Shono, Hye Sook, Chuleenan Svetvilas, Betty Wan, Xiao-Ming Xiao.


Artists’ Writing Reading Room”, May 15-July 15, 1994.        

An exhibition of visual artists who write and writers who make visual art.  Curated by Karen Atkinson and Erica Bornstein.  Artists: Kim Abeles, Jacki Apple, Jackie Borsanyi, Kaucylia Brook and Jane Cottis, David Bunn, Mark Durant,Chris Embree, Bob Flanagan, Andrew Freeman, Harry Gamboa, Charles Gaines, Camile Garcia, Cheri Gaulke, Richard Hawkins, Anna Homler, Deborah F.  Lawrence, Margaret Lazzari, Joe Lewis, John Mandel, Beverly Naidus, Mark Niblock-Smith, Mark Norris, John O’Brien, John Outterbridge, Susan Otto, Laura Paley, Sheila Pinkel, Michel Schtakleff, Susan Silton, Lisa Teasley, Jan Tumlir, Millie Wilson, Jody Zellen.



Grants Received:


1999: Santa Monica Cultural Affairs, Alternate Routes classes and mural on second bus.

1999: Eli Lilly and Co., Daybreak Artist in Residence Program.

1999: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, to support Projections: intermission images.

1999: American Crafts Council, Alternate Routes scholarships.

1999: California Arts Council, General Support

1998: Youth Arts and Services Grant, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. To support Alternate Routes in collaboration with Watts Towers Arts Center and the Child Guidance Center.

1998: National Endowment for the Arts, To support Projections: intermission images.

1998: Brody Grant: Towards Development.

1998: National/State/County Partnership. To support an Associate Director position.

1998: California Arts Council, General Support

1997: National/State/County Partnership. To support an Associate Director position.

1997: Youth Arts and Services Grant, Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept.: For a collaboration with Watts Towers (Alternate Routes)

1997: National Endowment for the Arts. (2-year) To support our Millenium Shifts Exhibition Series.

1997: Pasadena Art Alliance: Towards development.

1997: Brody Grant: Towards development.

1996: Co-Arts Grant, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs:  “Alternate Routes” education project.

1996: Co-Arts Grant, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs:  Women’s Daybreak Shelter Project.

1996: Latino Co-Arts Grant, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs:  To translate educational materials into Spanish.

1996: California Arts Council:  General support.

1996: Brody Grant: To support our newsletter.

1996: Anonymous: To support our general operating expenses.

1996: National Endowment for the Arts:  To fund our exhibitions programs.

1995: Co-Arts Grant, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs: To support Detours ‘96.

1995: Brody Grant:  To support a staff position and contribute to our publicity campaign.

1995: National/State/County Partnership.  To fund our newsletter and editor.

1995: Anonymous:  Towards general operating.

1994: Brody Grant:  To fund our newsletter and graphic designer.

1994. Anonymous donor.: Towards general operating.

1994: National/State/County Partnership.  To fund our newsletter and editor.

1994: Abby Sher.  Towards insurance costs.

1993: National/State/County Partnership.  To fund our newsletter.

1993: Anonymous donor.  To go toward insurance costs.

1993: Los Angeles:  Earthquake Relief fund.

1993: Flintridge Foundation.  To repair earthquake damage and purchase machinery for the Workshop.


Other Projects:


“Site Street” an online magazine dedicated to the support of artists works both in text, digital and web based projects.  Began in 1997.  Current Editors are Jody Zellen and Kaucyila Brooke.

“Edits & Episodes” a fim/video series.  The series showcases both emerging and established artists in the L.A. area.

“Alternate Routes: education on wheels” An educational project to teach woodworking to children ages 5 - 11 on buses equiped with 10 woodworking stations.  Travels to each workshop site.  

“I Can Build it Myself”  Translating this book about woodworking with children into Spanish for publication and to use with the “On The Road” bus project.  

“Women in New Directions (W.I.N.D)”  Ongoing workshops and classes at the Women’s Daybreak Shelter in Santa Monica, taught by Joella March and Mannig Gurekian.

“In The Nick of Time: A Workshop of LA Voices”  Fall, 1996.  In collaboration with About Productions, a series of gatherings to address a forum for discovering new answers for survival.  Guests: Robert Barrett, Director of the Cultural Tourism Program at the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, and David Jensen, J. Paul Getty Center Project Director for LA Culture Net.  

“Art On the Edge”  1996-97. In collaboration with About Productions and other community arts leaders is creating a tour of Los Angeles County of Art on the Edge, with the Cultural Tourism Office of the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

UCLA Extension Classes: Ongoing quarterly classes in Basic Workshop Skills and Safety.

Designer in Residence Program  Each year we take on 1 - 3 designers who are interested in building up their portfolio.  They design our graphic projects and get some hands on experience.

Artist  in Residence:  Each August we turn over the gallery to an emerging artist to do with it what they want.  They use it as a studio, an experimental project space, and often have an opening and create an exhibition.  We often collaborate with other institutions and organizations in generating opportunities for artists to be in residence.

Side Street Workshops:  Ongoing classes in fabrication techniques including skills and safety, individual tools, stretcher building, crates and shipping, faux and regular finishes, material hazards in the arts and other topics.

“Annual Artists Nominated Awards Tea”

Artists nominated awards for individuals who support of the arts in some way.  Awards are designed by a local artist and given as the award instead of a brass plaque.

1998:  Awards: Pasadena Art Alliance, Roderick Sykes and Judith Hoffberg.  Award given was a print by Self Help Graphics Staff in honor of Sister Karen, and was a re-strike of a print by her.

1997: Awards moved to May 1998 in respect for the untimely death of Sister Karen from Self Help Graphics.  TBA.

1996 Awards:  Sister Karen from Self Help Graphics, Anne Bray from L.A. Freewaves, and Joel Wachs, Los Angeles City Councilperson. Awards made by John Outterbridge (framed drawings).

1995 Awards: Henry Hopkins, UCLA Armand Hammer Museum, artist John Outterbridge and artist June Wayne.  Awards designed by artist Kim Abeles (engraved smog watches).

“Annual Discreet Holiday Objects: Miracle on 18th Street” 

Our annual holiday event from 1992-1998 featured ornaments made by artists as a fundraiser for Side Street Projects programming.  Ornaments are contributed by over 300 artists from around the country and Canada.  As part of this event, artists gift wrap your purchase for a small fee.  Gift wrapping artists have included Michael Asher, Sandra Rowe, Linda Hudson, Sheila Pinkel, Suvan Geer, Beverly Naidus, Joe Lewis, Francisco Letelier, Nancy Mitchnick and more.

Annual “Phantom Ball”

Each year we invite you to NOT attend our annual Phantom Ball.  For each pair of tickets sold, a photo is sent to you by an artist photographer “commemorating” the event.  


1999: Martin Kersels

1998: Catherine Opie        

1997: Alison Saar

1996: Kiki Smith

1995: Carrie Mae Weems        

1994: Todd Gray            

1993: none

Upcoming Projects: An artist in residency in collaboration with Global Business Incubators, who will be working in a high tech environment in order to work with emerging small businesses, and to create new artwork.    

Moving to a new and larger site in late 1999.




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“Read All About It” Susan Kandel, Los Angeles Times, June 3, 1993


Side Street Projects was founded in 1992 officially by Karen Atkinson and Joe Luttrell. Karen worked for two years on SSP before it was officially founded.